How To Prepare Your Canine Friend For A Pet Nanny

Being a dog owner entails a lot of responsibilities. Whether it be feeding them with proper nutrition or making sure that they are well-entertained and happy, everything that relates to their general wellbeing is our accountability. There are some instances, however, that we cannot afford to do these duties ourselves. For this reason, chances are getting a pet sitter might be best for them. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you inform the pet sitter for schedules, reminders, and provide him the necessary materials your dog would need. More specifically, here are a few guidelines worthy to be noted when preparing for a pet sitter.

Prepare a time table

Although dog sitters are familiar with the basic dietary schedules and nutritional needs for some dogs, there may be situations when your vet made specific instructions to feed your dog. If that is the case, a time table would be of great help. Also, try to include the specific amounts of food your pet sitter should feed the dog. Aside from providing time tables for your dog, also make one regarding your own schedules. If you are travelling and would be away for a few days, include details like when you will be departing and when you will be back. Also, include the times where you will be free so the sitter would know when to call and update you.

Check for all the necessities needed to take care of your dog where they are easily visible and accessible

Aside from leaving food, water, leash, toys, bowls, treats, and cleaning supplies, leave some medication in case something goes wrong. Include the dosage in the timetable, and add reminders on when they should be taken. Dog sitters are good in assessing such unexpected conditions, but you might also need to leave your vet’s contact numbers where they are visible just in case. Additionally, you may need to leave behind familiar scent to your dog. A used shirt will do. This is important especially if your dog has a separation anxiety.

Prepare your home

Remind your pet sitter from anything important he might need to know about your home including sinks that are clogged, and toilets that are out of order. This is so you can minimize additional burden to the pet sitter. Also, show him the controls for the thermostat, how to operate it, and at what temperature to set it. Your dog might have adjusted to a certain temperature, and adjusting could your dog to get sick. Keep decorations and hazardous plants where they are inaccessible by your dog. By doing so, you can prevent untoward incidents from happening. If you are searching for other services like dog boarding, this site will help you.